Frequently Asked Fender Questions

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Trailer Fenders are available in multiple shapes and sizes. We do our best to stock the most popular sizes of fenders for trailers. Many times trailer manufacturers will have a fender custom formed for the trailer they are producing. Because of this fact, there are an unlimited number of fender variations on the market today.

Unfortunately there is not a way to lookup what fender is a direct replacement for your trailer by its VIN or Year Make and Model. When replacing your trailer fenders, You will need to measure the length, width and height as well as some other measurements. Measuring your trailer's fender can be difficult, especially if a tire blowout caused significant damage to the fender. In most cases, you can use the opposite, undamaged fender to aquire your measurements.

We sell trailer fenders made from plastic, aluminum, and steel. Steel trailer fenders are sold raw. This means that all steel fenders we sell will need to be painted or coated in some way to prevent rust and corrosion. Aluminum and Plastic trailer fenders will not corrode in the elements as steel fenders will. This means that typically diamond plate aluminum, smooth aluminum, and plastic fenders can be simply installed to your trailer without any coating.

All of our pricing includes shipping! That's right, free shipping on every order. Typically you can take advantage of our buy one fender / get one 50% off deals! We ship fenders everyday to customers across the united states. We have developed packaging which ensures a safe delivery of each trailer fender. Order your trailer fenders online from today!

Ask About Bulk Pricing! - We can offer some serious discounts if you purchase fenders in bulk. If you are a trailer manufacturer, you need to contact us. We are very competiive in small - medium size orders. We Are also very compeitive in large orders and have the capability to supply you with truckloads of trailer fenders if needed. No order is too large or too small. Contact Us Today!